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Kaylee Jo "PEANUT", Dad "CHAZ", Ryan, and My Parents ~ Peanuts Grandparents.

Kaylee Jo, Dad,

My Parents, and Kaylee's Boyfriend Ryan Buswell

Kaylee Jo Clugston's Graduation:

The "PEANUT" has Two (AA) Degrees & is off to the University ~ We are All so Very Happy & Proud for You ~ Your are AWESOME!!!

Kaylee Jo & Dad ~ Just After Her Graduation.

Kaylee Jo Clugston's Graduation In May 2015

Kaylee Jo & Her Grandparents

The "CHAZ"

​It is Easy to See What is Most Important in My Life!!!

*My Beautiful Daughter ~ Kaylee Jo Clugston - Alias My Little "Peanut" & My Wonderful Family.

*That is Why Safety & Quality Workmanship are So Very Important at CTC ~ Because at the End of the Day Everyone is Going Home to Their Families!

Kaylee Jo, Ryan, & Dad.

​*Be on the Lookout for ~ WHAT IS THE "CHAZ" GOING TO DO NEXT???